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Meet Movinhand, a game changer in hospitality recruitment

London, 15th September 2015 – Movinhand is a new digital platform matching employers with skilled workers who are looking for fixed-term employment anywhere in the world. The platform will be available this autumn in private beta form and will be officially launched in early 2016, initially focusing on the hospitality sector, the largest employer of mobile workers in Europe.

Far from being just another job board, Movinhand will give employers access to a vast talent pool worldwide, ready to take the big step overseas. The platform will add a much-needed holistic approach to hospitality recruiting, including:

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– Audiovisual material and innovative communication channels that enable employers to screen, contact and rate applicants
– Virtual job offer letters signed by employers and successful applicants
– Mobility, relocation and short-stay immigration services for selected candidates

Movinhand aims to address the skills crisis facing the hospitality sector. Many employers have a hard time finding the right candidates locally:

  • 20% of hospitality employers report that their current staff lack key competencies necessary to meet the needs of the sector, such as language and IT skills
  • 32% report a lack of available or suitable candidates

Workers are increasingly looking for opportunities abroad. Some are not able to find a job at home. Others just want to broaden their horizons. For all of them, short-term relocation can be easy and financially rewarding:

  • EU workers receive up to 30% pay rise when moving abroad
  • Two out of three job seekers under 45 years old are able to use English in a professional context
  • 64% of workers worldwide are looking for job opportunities overseas

Movinhand’s Community Manager, Mr Alex Katsomitros, explains: “Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is no shortage of skilled labour worldwide, but an increasing location mismatch between employers and workers. In other words, some skill sets are oversupplied in certain regions and undersupplied in other ones. Hospitality is one of the industries where this mismatch is most acute, overlapping with other issues facing the sector, such as high staff turnover rates. Movinhand is on a mission to plug this gap. Our objective is twofold: help hospitality & leisure businesses seize the opportunity of a global staffing model in those markets that remain stubbornly local and provide skilled workers with the opportunity to tear down borders. We believe in a global workforce.”

For more information on Movinhand please visit our homepage.


About Movinhand
Movinhand is an innovative recruitment platform that changes the way employers and workers think about labour mobility in the skilled trades. The platform helps employers find workers around the world in a cost-effective and timely manner, relieving them from the burden of providing relocation and short-stay immigration advice.

Media Contact
For further information, please contact:
Mr Alex Katsomitros, Community Manager
[email protected]
020 7122 0921 (for calls from the UK)
+44 20 7122 0921 (for calls from outside the UK)

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