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Chief Data Officers Set to Emerge as Future Leaders of Business at London Forum

DataTalks, the world’s first forum for Chief Data Officers, to showcase the transformative power of data. Addison Lee, IBM, Vodafone, Dyson and others to share experience and opportunities.

A brand new two-day event focussing on the future of data in business will be held at the Andaz hotel, London, on the 8-9th November 2018. Led by Peter Jackson and Caroline Carruthers, authors of the Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, the DataTalks Conference will give Chief Data Officers a unique opportunity to discuss the future of data and how it will transform business and society.

Featuring leading figures in the first generation of Chief Data Officers, the DataTalks Conference offers insight into how major organisations are adapting to the data revolution. It will also look at why the role of Chief Data Officer has the potential to become one of the most significant executive positions in business and the determinant of a company’s success. This event will be aimed at Chief Data Officers, analytics experts and compliance officers who are concerned with the future of data in business, and will offer an opportunity to witness and take part in the formative conversations around data leadership, alongside pioneers of the new data executive role.

Through immersive and practical data leadership workshops, attendees will have access to the leading ideas around next generation data from hands-on, experienced practitioners. This will equip data executives with the knowledge needed to make the most of the Data Revolution. The DataTalks conference will see Chief Data Officers and data strategists from organisations like Addison Lee, IBM, Vodafone and Dyson talking about how businesses can use data to their advantage to get ahead of competitors.

“New regulations have left many businesses terrified of anything to do with data,” explains Caroline Carruthers, Director of Carruthers and Jackson, and one of the founders of DataTalks. “The main duty of a Chief Data Officer is to understand the power of data and understand that businesses should be embracing this data revolution, rather than trying to hide from it. The DataTalks conference offers a unique opportunity for the first generation of Chief Data Officers to come together to discuss the future of data and its transformative potential for both business and society.”

The event will also feature the UK’s first peer-to-peer Chief Data Officer awards programme; showcasing the most innovative and pioneering ways in which data leaders have adapted to the data revolution. The DataTalks Awards will be the first time the data community has recognised its leading professionals.

About DataTalks
DataTalks is a brand-new workshop and conference event created by Carruthers and Jackson, Eden Smith and 3rd Street Group. Over two days, 8-9th November, the event will give Chief Data Officers, Heads of Data, and those involved in analytics and data science the chance to join peers for a unique opportunity to learn and discuss the future of data and how it will transform business and society. Keynote speakers include Katia Walsh, Chief Global Data and Analytics Officer at Vodafone, Graeme McDermott, Chief Data Officer at Addison Lee, Ryan Den Rooijen, Global Director of Data Services at Dyson, and Jeremy Waite, the Chief Strategy Officer at IBM.

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